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All-Time Vince Vaughn Performance List  Last Update: 12/12/07

All-Star Movie Baseball Team  Last Update: 2/14/08

Best Bill Walton-isms of All-Time  Last Update: 6/5/08

Best Gambling Movies of All-Time  Last Update: 4/17/13

Anti-Christmas Christmas Movies  Last Update 12/7/07

Emotional Movie Olympics – Bronze Medals  Last Update: 2/21/08

Emotional Movie Olympics – Silver Medals  Last Update: 2/22/08

Emotional Movie Olympics – Gold Medals  Last Update: 2/25/08

Football Movies Mock NFL Draft – Round 1  Last Update: 4/23/08

Football Movies Mock NFL Draft – Day 2  Last Update: 4/24/08

It’s Wedding Season  Last Update: 4/18/08

Movie Presidential Election – 2008  Last Update: 11/3/08

The Greatest *Enhanced Performances in Cinema  Last Update: 4/4/08

The Top 25 People I Want to Punch in the Face  Last Update: 9/11/08

The Top 20 Sequels That Were Never Made  Last Update: 12/3/09

Where Are They Now: Swingers  Last Update: 8/16/11