Movie Mind Rants & Raves

In this section you can read about the nonsensical rants & raves that go through the actual mind of The Movie Mind. As you can see, the variety of topics has no limited range and will baffle any reader who tries to enter The Movie Mind. 

Please click on the title below to read each entry. Don’t forget to check back for regular updates to this section!

Rant Title: (in alphabetical order)

80th Annual Academy Awards  Last Update: 2/26/08

83rd Academy Awards  Last Update: 2/23/11

Biff is Back In the Future  Last Update: 12/5/07

Biggest Celebrity Meltdowns  Last Update: 3/18/11

Breaking News: Tom Cruise is a Nutjob  Last Update: 1/17/08

Chuck Norris vs. Michael Phelps  Last Update: 8/19/08

Fun Wastes of Time  Last Update: 1/31/08

He Shoots – He Scores!  Last Update: 2/26/09

Hi, I’m Troy McClure…  Last Update: 6/17/08

Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of…  Last Update: 4/11/08

Kenny Powers IS K-Swiss  Last Update: 8/26/10

Merry New Year!!  Last Update: 1/7/08

Oscars 2009  Last Update: 2/21/09

Oscars Observations  Last Update: 3/2/11

Pre-Prefontaine Memorial Trip  Last Update: 5/1/08

Prefontaine Memorial Trip  Last Update: 5/19/08

Thoughts from the Wheelhouse  Last Update: 8/21/09

Where Did the Time Go?  Last Update: 2/3/09