In a game where the first points were put up 12 seconds into the game and each tick of the clock thereafter led us to believe it would never be close, it can be hard to stick around until the end. Thankfully, the Super Bowl is as much about spectacle as it is a game.

Unless you like to watch one-sided football and enjoy seeing “Eli Face” morph onto Peyton’s mug during the game, you probably didn’t have a lot to keep your interest. So what happened between the breaks from action to keep up intrigued?

I for one thought this could have been the weakest set of TV commercials that I have ever seen. Next time a company has $4MM to burn for 30 seconds of crap, try handing it out to your employees who could come up with better concepts during their lunch breaks.

This year we saw a huge appeal to our softer sides, with pandering to us through Patriotism, kids, animals, vets, and just about every other tear-inducing nostalgia they could come up with. Apparently trying to be funny was so 2013. Some managed to have just the right amount of introspective, while others were just plain offensive.

As hard as it might be, here are 5 Super Bowl commercials that at the very least, were memorable:

Funniest Commercial

Radio Shack: In with the new

If any company in the world needed to poke fun at itself, it was Radio Shack. Throw in Cliff Claven, Teen Wolf, Chuckie, Hulk Hogan, Chips, Kin n Play, and countless other icons of our youth, and you get the recipe for a winning ad. Loved it.

Most Overrated

Budweiser “Puppy Love”

Everyone can’t seem to get enoguh of this ad, and while cute, it’s also an exact replica of their previous ads. Instead of a man and horse separated and then eventually reuinited in a heartfelt embrace, they subbed out a puppy for the guy. So congrats Bud, you’ve found the winning recipe you can recycle for the next 15 years. Maybe next year a flea from the horse’s ass will be reunited with it after being sprayed off and we’ll all coo over it for weeks.

Most Touching

Microsoft: Empowering

Microsoft found the secret sauce when it came to building a moving ad that is relevant to their company. They seamlessly tied in technology with some touching moments of a child with artifical legs participanting in a game, the space shuttle, and Steve Gleason being able to communicate despite debilitating ALS. They didn’t ruin it with some blow-hard celebrity talking about how building a car in America deserves a pat on the back. They showed how technology and what they build impacts people’s lives every day. Well done.

Most Philanthropic

Chevy: Life

This could’ve been a film with how it was shot. Beautiful scenery and wide shots and even though there was no dialogue by the actors, we could already tell there was something “bigger” on their minds than just driving in a Chevy truck. Kudos to Chevy for not making their brand the star in this ad meant to raise awareness for World Cancer Day.

Most Risque

Oikos Greek Yogurt’s “The Spill”

GoDaddy was noticably absent from their typical norm of pushing the envelope when it comes to material for their ads. Also noticably forgettable in this year’s ads: GoDaddy. YOu can’t set precedents like they have in the last and then decide to just pull in the reigns and make Danica Patrick look like a juicehead. Instead we have the yogurt peeps fill that void with a funny scene starring John Stamos and a great cameo by his former Full House buds.

Honorable Mention

Doritos: Time Machine

Mildly amusing and cute, but in a stronger year of ads it would have been overlooked.

Cheerios: Gracie

Wins on the cute factor and a rare appearance for the good ol O’s!

T-Mobile Tebow

Meh. Could’ve been a lot better.

Beats Audio: Ellen Riding Hood

Watch her talk show and you can delight in seeing the same lack of rythym.

Wonderful Pistachios: Colbert

Good choice on spokesman.

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