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If You Like This You Should Watch:  The Campaign, Horrible Bosses
Better Than: The Heat, Ted
Worse Than:  Bridesmaids

What do you get when you cross a pot dealing slacker who needs to repay his boss for stolen product, with an aging lonely stripper, a street wandering teen, and a nerdy naïve kid with no parental guidance? You get the Millers. We’re the Millers is a unique take on the dysfunctional family comedy, mostly because they’re not a real family. Despite attempts to wrap it all up into a nice cheesy bow at the end, the film still delivers the laughs throughout.

Jennifer Aniston proves as she gets up there in age she can no longer get away with the woe-is-me role. That’s why she’s decided to go racy, with her role as the horny doctor in Horrible Bosses and here as a stripper. It’s not actually a plot point that she’s another sad sack deserving of pity as an aging stripper, but brings that to every role so there was no need to write it in.

Jason Sudeikis is the real star and the casting department should thank their lucky stars he took this role instead of say Jason Bateman. The difference is that Sudeikis can carry a comedy while Bateman cannot. His comedic timing is perfect and even though he’s sort of a one-note character, he still keeps us rooting for him. The supporting cast was passable, and at times surprised me.

Sudeikis is a slacker pot dealer who gets robbed and loses his stash and cash. His boss, Ed Helms (aka Andy the Nard Dog Bernard from The Office) sends him to Mexico to be his mule for a shipment. In order to pass through the border and back undetected, Sudeikis decides to create a family out of some misfits to play the part of the last people that would ever be expected to smuggle drugs. Naturally, he runs into trouble along the way. Magically, everyone on the trip needs to grow up and trust one another in order to make it all work. Next thing you know, add two cups of water and it’s insta-family!

Since the plot does enough to distinguish itself with some originality, it’s easier to just sit back and enjoy the hijinks. The comedy funnel has been a bit dry in Hollywood lately so this one probably gets a little better rating then it normally would. It’s one where you won’t leave the theater thinking it was the best movie you’ve ever seen, but your face will be sore from laughing quite a bit.
Submitted 8-15-13

Interesting Cameo Appearance:  Nick Offerman (aka the world-class mustache wearing actor best known for his turn as Rob Swanson from Parks and Recreation) as an unsuspecting DEA agent and RV pilot on a family vacation who bumps into the dysfunctional and constructed family, the Millers.

Memorable Quotes:
Scottie P.: You know what I’m sayin?
David Clark: Well, I’m awake and I speak English, so yeah I know what you’re saying.

David Clark: You have no regrets? Not even a single letter?

David Burke: The Miller family here reporting for the leisure, sir.

Strip Club Manager: I need a lap dance, table 5. Don’t get too close, the guy smells like asparagus pee and he’s got a hook hand.

David Burke: So how was work tonight, neighbor?
Rose: You’re not a neighbor, you’re a pot dealer.

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