Movie Mind Says: Move to Top of Netflix Delivery List

If You Like This You Should Watch: Step Brothers, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Better Than: Due Date, The Other Guys
Worse Than: Blades of Glory, Anchorman

Starring: Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis, Jason Sudeikis, Dylan McDermott

I can guarantee you one thing about this upcoming election season: at some point, you will be so bored to tears over the stock debate answers, fake smiles, quips, jabs, and hideous sweater-vests that you will wish the campaigns were a lot more like, well, The Campaign. Even I wish that real-life candidates would take a lesson from Will Ferrell’s character, Cam Brady, and let it all spill out for the people to see who they are truly electing. I guaran-damn-tee that as raunchy as this movie is, it wouldn’t even make the real politicians in this world blush over the antics and tactics used. The point is, the film is classic Ferrell and he finally has someone who can keep up with him on a comedic level, which is what doomed some of his other recent comedies (I’m looking at you, Wahlberg). If you’re looking for some political statement or hidden message you better turn to CNBC or Fox News. If you’re looking for pure unadulterated one-liners and crudeness without much care towards the plot, tune into The Campaign

All you need to know about the plot is that Will Ferrell is a grimy politician in North Carolina running unopposed for reelection until Zach Galifianakis is offered up as a late challenger to serve as some powerful businessmen’s patsy. Ferrell plays a cross between his George Bush SNL character with the edginess of Ricky Bobby, while Zach G. plays closer to his Due Date character only with more innocence and charm. These two are a lethal combination and if you ignore the ridiculousness of the underlying plot, you will certainly be entertained.

If you’re looking for substance, look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for an endless stream of one-liners sure to have you repeating them endlessly for the next 6-months, then you’ve found your match. I’m so thrilled to finally see Ferrell starring again with another comedy actor who can hold his jockstrap. It makes a world of difference in the end result since the film completely hinges on the ability for the two play off each other. Not since Ferrell has been alongside Vaughn, Wilson, and Danny McBride (Kenny Powers), has he been so on point. The supporting cast (Jason Sudeikis (who I normally like) and Dylon McDermott) has to play the straight guys to balance out the goofiness of the others but they are serviceable. You’ll see a bunch of similarities to Talladega Nights so if you got some laughs from that one you should here as well.

Just please remember to take this film for what it is – a mindless comedy with extremely crude jokes and humor. If that’s not your bag then skip it. Otherwise go see this flick and get ready to enjoy an hour and a half of what may end up being the most honest display of politics you will witness over the next few months.
Submitted 9-5-12

Interesting Cameo Appearance: Jack McBrayer (better known as Kenneth Parcell, the flamboyant and funny NBC Page in hit the hit sitcom 30 Rock) as Mr. Mendenhall, whose family is the unlucky recipient of a profanity-laced dirty drunk-dial by Cam Brady.

Memorable Quotes:
Cam Brady: Push it.
Mitch: Push it.
Marty Huggins: Push it, push it real good?

Cam Brady: My heart is pounding. Like a phone book in a dryer.

Marty Huggins: A minute ago my pants were down, and now I’m a congressman. Normally it’s the other way around.

Cam Brady: I’m Cam Brady and I seductively approve this message.

Cam Brady: Rainbow land is a fictitious place!

Raymond Huggins: You look like Richard Simmons crapped out a Hobbit!

Marty Huggins: Hate to break it to you friend, but your balloon’s about to pop. And that balloon’s filled with your own butt toots.

Cam Brady: Because Filipino Tilt-a-Whirl operators are this nation’s backbone!

Mitzi Huggins: I touch myself thinking of Drew Carey.

Cam Brady: That makes me so mad, I wanna find that baby and punch him again!

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