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The Movie Mind is proud to present the Greatest Triva associated with the Rocky franchise that has ever been assembled – PART III. This time the quiz focuses on the most underrated Rocky film of the bunch, Rocky III. Let’s hope your scores are improving as we move along in the trivia series. There have been a number of Rocky marathons on TV recently so you’ve had enough of an opportunity to study up. Remember, this is Part III of the full Rocky series with more still to come. Thanks again to ”A-Lo” for putting this trivia together. 

Here is the scoring recap:

Numbers of Answers Correct:

18 – 20 out of 20: “Mick” (you are the sage of Rocky Trivia)
15 – 17 out of 20: “Duke” (you are a wise man who knows much but just one notch below the master)
11 – 14 out of 20: “Rocky” (you have good intentions but have been hit in the head a few times)
10 or below: “Paulie” (you mean well but had a few too many cocktails & spend too long in the meat locker)

After the jump comes Part III of the Quiz series. There will be additional posts for each of the Rocky films so stay tuned and continue sharpening your skills! Please enter your answers in the comments section and then you can highlight the missing text after each question for the answers (answers will only display when you highlight them with your cursor), Good luck!

Rocky III

1) What is the name of the band that recorded Eye of the Tiger for Rocky III? Survivor

2) What does Mickey break out of jealousy in the beginning of the film? A Rocky pinball machine

3) What famous WWF wrestler plays the role of Thunderlips? Hulk Hogan

4) How much does Rocky weigh in his fight against Thunderlips? 202 lbs.

5) What breakfast cereal does Rocky ask his son if he wants? Wheaties

6) Where is Clubber Lang from? Chicago

7) What does Rocky announce at his memorial ceremony that causes the audience and Clubber Lang to be upset? His retirement

8) In what round does Rocky get knocked out by Clubber in their first fight? 2nd round

9) What is Mickey’s full name? Mickey Goldmill

10) How old is Rocky in Rocky III? 34

11) Where do Rocky and Apollo go to train for Rocky’s rematch with Clubber? California

12) What boxing shoe company received a lot of advertisement in Rocky III (hint: remember the training montage)? Nike

13) What is Apollo’s response to Rocky’s request to spar tomorrow? “There is no tomorrow!”

14) Where does the rematch between Rocky and Clubber take place? Madison Square Garden (New York, NY)

15) What’s Clubber’s prediction for the rematch? “Pain”

16) What type of boxing shorts does Rocky wear for the fight? Apollo’s American Flag Shorts

17) [For the real Rocky fans] What song plays during the final round of Rocky and Clubber’s rematch? Conquest by Bill Conti

18) In what round does Rocky knockout Clubber in their rematch? Round 3

19) What favor does Rocky owe Apollo after winning the fight? A private rematch with Apollo

20) What artists drew the famous portrait of Apollo and Rocky punching each other at the same time? Leroy Neiman


  1. Paulie breaks pinball machine out of jealousy, not Mickey

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