Rocky II

The Movie Mind is proud to present the Greatest Triva associated with the Rocky franchise that has ever been assembled – PART II. I’ve heard from some readers who were thrilled with scoring just above the Paulie-level in Part I so you better get to studying your Rocky knowledge! Remember, this is Part II of the full Rocky series with plenty more to come so there’s still time to redeem yourselves. Big shout out and thanks again to “A-Lo” for his hard work and frightening recall of these films.

Here is the scoring recap:

Numbers of Answers Correct:

18 – 20 out of 20: “Mick” (you are the sage of Rocky Trivia)
15 – 17 out of 20: “Duke” (you are a wise man who knows much but just one notch below the master)
11 – 14 out of 20: “Rocky” (you have good intentions but have been hit in the head a few times)
10 or below: “Paulie” (you mean well but had a few too many cocktails & spend too long in the meat locker)

After the jump comes Part II of the Quiz series. There will be additional posts for each of the Rocky films so stay tuned and continue sharpening your skills! Please enter your answers in the comments section and then you can highlight the missing text after each question for the answers (answers will only display when you highlight them with your cursor), Good luck!

Rocky II - Movie Poster

Rocky II

1) What does Rocky say when a report asks whether he thinks he has any brain damage? “I don’t see any…”

2) Who does Rocky make his first autograph to? “His good friend, Charlie Flynn.”

3) What animal witnesses Rocky’s proposal to Adrian? A tiger

4) What does Gazzo suggest Rocky invest in with the money from the fight? Condominiums

5) What type of car does Rocky drive in Rocky II? Black Pontiac Firebird Trans AM

6) What product does Rocky do a commercial for? Beast Aftershave

7) Why does the director stop filming the commercials with Rocky? He can’t read

8) How far does Rocky get through high school? 9th grade

9) What’s Rocky’s first “real” job after fighting Apollo? Hauling meat

10) Which eye is the bad eye that forces Rocky to stop fighting? His right eye

11) What does Rocky teach a young Latin boxer how to do in Mickey’s gym? How to snarl

12) What does Rocky plan on buying Paulie with the money from his rematch with Apollo? A snow cone machine

13) To help build Rocky’s speed, what does Mickey make Rocky do during training? Catch a chicken

14) Complete the following quote by Mickey: “You’re gonna be a greasy, fast, Italian monster! You’re gonna eat _________ . You’re gonna crap _________!” (lightning, thunder)

15) What name does Rocky and Adrian give their baby? Rocky Jr.

16) There’s one thing Adrian asks Rocky to do after she wakes up from her coma. What is it? Win

17) What does Rocky go do right after leaving his house and before arriving to his fight? He goes to get a blessing from Father Carmine

18) How many seconds does Rocky beat Apollo by? 1 second

19) After winning the belt, Rocky says one thing to his wife who is at home. What is it? “Yo Adrian, I did it!”

20) What is the last image of the movie Rocky II? An image of Mickey hugging Rocky


  1. This is the second greatest Rocky trivia of all time.

  2. What is the name of the actress who plays the nurse asking for Rocky’s autograph for her son, Charlie Flynn? She is famous now and I cannot find any credits with her name including on the movie credits at the end of the movie. Please help!

    • this is a great question! your best bet is to post it on my facebook page and I know there are plenty of huge Rocky fans out there who would love to jump in and answer!! www/

    • I believe the actress is Marilyn Chris.
      She was great on One Live to Live for years. I wonder why she doesn’t get a screen credit.

  3. Debra Jo Rupp is the nurse. Most famous as Kitty from That 70′s Show.

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