The Movie Mind is proud to present the Greatest Triva associated with the Rocky franchise that has ever been assembled. Just as noteworthy is that this post marks the first guest quiz ever published on! Submitted by a true Rocky afficionado who goes by the name of “A-Lo”, this upcoming series of Quizzes is not for someone who is merely a casual fan of Rocky. If you can’t recite your order from best to worst of all the films with the same ease of your pets’ names, then this may not be the quiz for you (Full disclosure: The Movie Mind’s order – 1, 4, 3, 2, 6, 5). If your favorite lazy Sunday afternoon isn’t spent watching a TBS marathon of all of the Rocky’s, then you might struggle with these.  

Nonetheless, give it your best shot and see where you rank on the Rocky-knowledge hierarchy:

Numbers of Answers Correct:

18 – 20 out of 20: “Mick” (you are the sage of Rocky Trivia)
15 – 17 out of 20: “Duke” (you are a wise man who knows much but just one notch below the master)
11 – 14 out of 20: “Rocky” (you have good intentions but have been hit in the head a few times)
10 or below: “Paulie” (you mean well but had a few too many cocktails & spend too long in the meat locker)

After the jump comes Part I of the Quiz series. There will be a new post for each of the Rocky films so stay tuned! Please enter your answers in the comments section and then you can highlight the missing text after each question for the answers (answers will only display when you highlight them with your cursor), Good luck!

Rocky I

Rocky I

1) In what month does the movie begin? November

2) What are the names of Rocky’s turtles? Cuff and Link

3) What is the name of Adrian’s manager from the pet shop? Gloria

4) Who does Rocky fight in the first scene of the film? Spider Rico

5) How old are Rocky and Adrian in the first film? 30

6) Where do Rocky and Adrian go on their first date? Ice skating

7) How many raw eggs does Rocky drink before training? 5

8) What boxer’s poster does Rocky have in his apartment? Rocky Marciano

9) What color is Rocky’s boxing shorts mistaken for? Red pants with a white stripe

10) What color is Adrian’s hat during Rocky’s fight against Apollo? Red

11) What famous boxer makes a cameo appearance in the original Rocky? ‘Smokin’ Joe Frazier

12) How many rounds did Apollo predict the fight would last? 3 rounds

13) Apart from The Italian Stallion, what is Rocky’s “other” nickname? Philadelphia’s Favorite Son

14) What advice does Mickey give Rocky when he gets knocked down late in the fight? Stay down!

15) How many rounds does Rocky and Apollo’s fight last? The distance – 15th round

16) What bone does Rocky break on Apollo? His right rib

17) What are the first words that Rocky speaks to Adrian when she enters the ring at the end of the fight? “Hey, where’s your hat?”

18) Does the find end in a draw, or does it go to Rocky or Apollo? Apollo wins by split decision

19) Where does Paulie work? In a meathouse

20) What is the name of the dog Adrian buys to help Rocky train? Butkus

BONUS: How much does Rocky pay to use the skating rink when he takes Adrian on their date? DOUBLE BONUS: How long does he get to use the rink? Ten bucks for ten minutes


  1. November
    Cuff and link
    Spider rico
    Pushing 30
    Ice skating
    Stay down
    Where’s your hat
    10 bucks for 10 minutes

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