Movie Mind Says:  Buy It

If You Like This You Should Watch:  Knocked Up, Adventureland
Better Than:  Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Grown Ups
Worse Than:  The Hangover, Wedding Crashers


Starring: Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne

From now on I refuse to hear any of The Movie Mind’s female readers ever complain about crass dude-humor because Bridesmaids was full of it…and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more if I tried! I’ve heard many comparisons saying this was the female version of The Hangover. I couldn’t disagree more. Bridesmaids had much more of a Swingers – like feel to it thanks to the genuine buddy-comedy components and believable characters. What Swingers was to Vaughn and Favraeu, Bridesmaids will be to Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph. Mark my words, this is one that you’ll want to watch over and over, as there’s sure to be jokes you missed from laughing so hard at the ones before. Aside from the last 30 minutes of the film and portrayal of the male characters, there’s nothing “chick-flick” about it. This is straight-up guy-comedy cloaked inside some dresses. And if the female contingent is cool with that, then hot-damnit so am I!

I have no qualms with the entire cast of ladies in the film. Kristen Wiig carried the movie in the same way she’s carried Saturday Night Live for the 7+ years she’s been on it. She uses the chemistry she developed with Maya Rudolph over that time to make us believe whole-heartedly that they are life-long pals. Rose Byrne plays the perfect foil to their suddenly strained friendship and somehow manages to be likeable even under her shallow character. Melissa McCarthy is the other standout in her role as the gruff soon to be sister-in-law of Maya Rudolph. In fact, my only problem with the entire cast is with the male characters.

Mad Men’s Jon Hamm is the one-dimensional bed-buddy of Kristen Wiig’s character, and he’s a pretty damn funny one at that. He’s basically a woman’s living portrait of a d-bag, plain and simple. He drives a Porsche, treats her like crap, acts like a buffoon, and while most women watching are repulsed by him, most of the guys are cracking up. He’s a caricature of the complete all-around dirtbag and clearly the guys can tell in this one character that the film was written from the female perspective. But if that wasn’t enough to give it away, look no farther than the only other dude with a sizable role in the film, Chris O’Dowd. First of all no offense to Chris but he emanates “blah”. There’s not a single noticeable, likable, or amusing thing about him. He’s as forgettable as the Real Housewives will be in 10 years. My guess is that’s exactly how the writers wanted it. Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo wanted no male characters to take away from the feminine-centric story going on. He was merely the guy that falls for the girl and nothing more.

The bottom line is that once the guys get over their fragile egos about being portrayed as either the scumbag they always thought they wanted to be, or a pathetically spineless puppy dog who comes across as lucky to get the time of day from the girl, they’re really going to enjoy the film. I for one am ok with that portrayal since it’s more or less the exact reverse in almost every other Hollywood film. It’s nice to be the victims for once. As for the women, we all now know that you basically enjoy the same vulgar, crass, toilet humor that us guys do. So stop faking it already and just know that we’ll be more than happy to add Bridesmaids into our list of hilarious guy-flicks.
Submitted 12-29-11

Interesting Cameo Appearance:  Terry Crews (otherwise known as Cheeseburger Eddy from the most recent The Longest Yard) as a hyper-active Boot Camp Instructor hell-bent on chasing the free-loading exercise girls away.

Memorable Quotes:
Annie: It’s called civil *rights*. This is the ’90s.

Becca: You are more beautiful then Cinderella! You smell like pine needles, and have a face like sunshine!

Ted: This is so awkward. I really want you to leave, but I don’t know how to say it without sounding like a dick.

Gil: Before you make those kinds of demands you should put a note on your door that says, “Do not come into my room and read my diary and wear my clothes.”

Ted: I wouldn’t want to make you explain what our relationship is to all those people. That would suck for you.

Rhodes: Do you want to tell a cop about it? We’re just like priests except we would tell everybody afterwards.

Brynn: We would like to invite you to no longer live with us.

Annie: This is the first time I’ve seen you look ugly, and that makes me happy!

Annie: You read my diary?

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