There’s only so long The Movie Mind was going to be able to stay silent on the latest happenings in the ever so entertaining land of the NFL. After 14 weeks, we’ve got an undefeted team in the Packers who are showing no signs of slowing down and a winless team in the Colts who are showing no signs of life. It just so happens that the winless Pack roll on into Kansas City this weekend to play my beloved and agonizingly frustrating Chiefs. On paper this one should be a sleep-walker for the Pack. Man, it might be less painful to watch as a Chiefs fan if they really did just play it on paper. Unfortunately this one has to be played out on the field, and while part of me wonders if it can get any worse, the logical part of me knows it sure as hell can.

As a Chiefs fan, the least I can say is that this season has been entertaining. Unfortunatley some of that entertainment is of the “train-wreck” variety. As it happens, earlier this week KC general manager Scott Pioli pushed former head coach Todd Haley right in front of that very train when he sent him packing. While I have never been Haley’s biggest fan, and in fact I thought he was a fraud of the Herm Edwards variety from day 1, I also think he got the shaft from Pioli. Let me be clear in saying I do not think Haley was a good coach. I don’t think his players cared for him, nor did his other coaches. But the fact of the matter is that Pioli is the “genious” who allowed this team to go into the season with Tyler “Shane Falco” Palko as the backup QB. I hate to pick on Palko because at the least the kid has guts, but we’ve also learned that in about 3 more weeks he will be bagging groceries.

Pioli has done nothing in Kansas City. Zippo. Zilch. Nada. It’s become clear that he has managed to ride the Bellichek/Brady Super Bowl train to “geniousdom” and he is only now becoming thoroughly exposed in KC. Let’s look at his dynamic draft successes from his tenure with the Chiefs from 2009 – 2011: In ’09 his best pick was Mr. Irrelevant, Ryan Succop…a kicker. He had a little more success in 2010 but the book is not yet out on the guys. A few 2nd year players they were initially high on have proved they are not quite the studs they originally assumed (see Dexter McCluster, Jon Asamoah, Jacier Arenas, Tony Moeaki). In fact, I’d say their limited success has been more a result of a lack of competition to push them for playing time than their outright grasp of the job. As for this year’s rookies, some look promising (Baldwin when he’s not breaking his hand on teammates’ faces, Justin Houston) and others look like they can’t get on the field ahead of a terrible QB (Stanzi).

The point here is that Haley was a terrible fit from the start in KC. Thanks to the scheduling gods of the NFL, the Chiefs backdoored their way into the postseason in 2010 but were exposed as a team clearly not on the same level as the other playoffs teams. There were high hopes this year and after embarrassing losses (Buffalo, Detroit, Jets, Pats) and devastating injuries (Charles, Berry, Cassel, Moeaki) Haley was doomed. But that fact that Pioli actually forced Haley into having to play Jon McGraw, Sabby Piscatelli, and Jake O’Connell should speak volumes about the roster he was saddled with. It all stems from their brilliant draft strategy of finding the “right 53″ players. Hoew about finding the ones who should be in the NFL?

So now we stumble to the end of the year with Romeo Crennel as the interim coach. I want to be clear and say that I love Romeo…as a D coordinator. He has shown he is not a Head Coach in 4 subpar years in Cleveland. Sure the Browns kill coaching careers like reality shows kill brain cells, but he has done great things with the D this year and I don’t want his attention away from that. To hire him as HC would take a step back for a young improving D and lend nothing positive for the offense. Which brings us to the Josh McDaniels discussion…if this guy is the new HC of the Chiefs I swear I will have a hard time rooting for this team. The guy is aweful and gues what…he’s yet another “Bellichek disciple” who couldn’t hack it once out of his shadow! Enough of those turds. He’s Haley reincarnated: weasely, arrogant, and a know-it-all who lucked into their position. ENOUGH! I don’t care who else it is, just not him.

Which leads me to my most ridiculous dream scenario for the Chiefs going forward and it involves none other than Mr. Tim Tebow. John Elway’s hands are tied in Denver. The fact is that he wants nothing to do with Tebow. Unless Tebow actually wins him a Super Bowl this year, Elway wants to find a way to move on without Tebow. So here’s my proposal…send him to the Chiefs, please! I would love to have Tebow as the QB of the Chiefs for the next 10 years. Sa what you want about the guy but he is damn fun to watch. He’s a winner. The Chiefs could have a similar makeup to the Broncos last 7 weeks with the addtion of Tebow. KC’s defense has improved and should only get better. They can use Charles as the workhorse next year and Tebow can be the guy to drive KC’s offense. He’s got 2 big receivers in Bowe and Baldwin who can go up and snatch the ball out of the air and help out some of his less than on the mark passes. But the bottom line is it’ll be a hell of a lot more fun and enjoyable to watch than the slop KC put on the field this year.

So give me Tebow first of all because I like the guy, second of all because I think he’s a winner and will win wherever he plays, and lastly because I would actually consider breaking my “Jersey Rules” and purchasing a #15 in all the Red & Gold glory it would bring! Unfortunately Scott Pioli is too short-sighted to ever make that happen. So let’s bring in someone who can get it done.

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