2011 NFL Draft

Here are a few NFL Draft – Day 1 highlights and ramblings courtesy of The Movie Mind:
- Best line of the night was uttered by none other than Cam Newton after getting drafted #1: “I am very excited and blessed to be in this predicament”. Need a little help on the English language there buddy?? A dictionary App would have been really useful there. Instantly Carolina Panthers’ management goes, “Whoops. Can we have a do-over?”. Looks like we got another brain surgeon on our hands.

- Another more point on Cam Newton:Do you think it’s a good sign when the guy standing next to him looks, acts, talks, and smells like a sleazy agent, and then we find out it’s his dad? NCAA investigators everywhere let out a collective “I told you so!”.

- Big props to the fans at Radio City Music Hall for making Goodell sweat with their “We want football” chants. I love seeing that guy squirm. I also think he could have said something more to appease the situation than mumbling over and over “I hear ya” and “Me too”. Man, the owners must be psyched they have this guy on their sides at the negotiating table.

- Also a big kudos to the fans for respectively honoring the moment of silence for the victims and destruction in the mid-west from the tornadoes. While they sholdn’t get a pat on the back for respecting it, since everyone in this world who has a heart should do the same, I thought Goodell used it as a tactic to get them to shut up and end their chants. It was a lame move on his part and shows what kind of PR sneaky worm he really is. I’m not saying the NFL wasn’t going to address the tragedies, but to use it as a ploy to appease the crowd was purely weasel.

- Why can’t ESPN figure out how to get this thing right? It’s a great event but we really don’t need to listen to Boomer Berman search aimlessly for the right filler words to use while Gruden and Kiper sit there twiddling their thumbs. Last year they have a panel stepping on each other to heard and get their air time, this year we have guys that look like they don’t want to be bothered. How about something in between? Maybe a few pre-recorded interviews or looks into the careers and stories of the prospects? I’d much prefer to hear Berman go off on some poor P.A. schmo off-camera or his thoughts on Canadian pain killers…now that’s good TV. Don’t know what I’m talking about? You should, check it out here or here.

- I’ve tried and tried and tried, but I really can’t stand Mel Kiper. He’s such a turd. He stares down at his crib notes the entire show and when asked a direct question about a specific player, he pulls a presidential debate tactic and starts talking about whatever the hell he feels like talking about. While on the subject, I can’t miss an opportunity talking about the draft and Mel Kiper without this gem. As Bill Tobin (Colts GM in 1994) so eloquently put it, “Who the hell is Mel Kiper Jr.? My neighbor knows more about football than Mel Kiper Jr. and my neighbor’s a postman!”

- Speaking of Kiper, is he Andy Dalton’s new agent or does he just have a supreme man-crush on the redheaded QB? Ok Mel, we get it…Andy Dalton is STILL on the board!

- Big props to the kid from Baylor, Danny Watkins. He’s a 26 year-old rookie, former firefighter, and after spending the day at some NYC fire houses, he invited them all to the draft and got a standing O from them when his name was called. It’s tough not to root for a kid like that.

- Was Von Miller crying for like 30 minutes before going up to meet the Commish? Since his name was on the lawsuit vs. the NFL I thought for a second maybe he was thinking of stiffing the Commish at the podium. By the way, classic pair of spectacles he was rocking last night!

- I’m impressed yet surprised with my Chiefs pick…I like the fact that they traded down a few spots to pick up an extra 3rd rounder, and I think that this kid Jon Balwin from Pitt is built in the Larry Fitzgerald mold, but it’s very un-Patriots-west-like for Pioli to pick a WR in the first round. Makes me feel even better about the selection that they had to have this guy!

- Most sincere moment from the draft: Mark Ingram after hearing his dad’s email to him from prison. He seems like a pretty well-adjusted kid and has a good head on his shoulders considering his dad has been locked up for a while. While ESPN completely manufactured that moment by saving the email to read to him until his name was called, his feelings were all genuine.

- Looking forward to the 2nd and 3rd rounds…typically there’s more noise made in those rounds than the 1st so bring it on!

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