83rd Oscars - HostsHere’s a recap of some Movie Mind ramblings from the Oscars…

- The intro inserting Franco and Hathaway into the Best Picture nominees was amusing but it’s been done before. ‘F’ for originality.
- Seriously, how big of a stoner is James Franco? He couldn’t have laid off the weed for one night to host the biggest awards show of the year?
- Melissa Leo was excellent in The Fighter but much like athletes who engage in self-promotion for MVP awards, she should have gotten passed over for that move.
- What does it say about James Franco as host when one of the top-10 Twitter “trends” during the Oscars is Billy Crystal??!!
- Aaron Sorkin won more than best screenplay – he also won the award for “recipient who could care less about the orchestra ushering him to an abrupt end” – I swear we were all of 5 seconds away from the mic cutting off and curtain dropping on his head!
- As it started going bad (or should I say, as it started  getting worse), remeber that when all else fails, put James Franco in a dress and bring out Russell Brand!! That dude is hilarious…I vote him as host for next year. No stars in the audience would be safe!
- Nine Inch Nails just won an Oscar??
- Did James Franco head out the back door to go light up? Not that I’m complaining he’s gone, but where the hell did he go?
- There wasn’t a single surprise out of this awards season…how lame. Many of my picks were pretty accurate in who was going to get snubbed and who would actually win, but that wasn’t too difficult to call this time.

All in all this was one of the most boring Oscars in a long time. I was hoping for Kanye to show up, run on stage, grab the mic and start making it interesting. It’s not a good sign when the most notable moment of the whole show was when a 102 year-old was staging a fake fight over his cane and creating awkward pauses.

Good thing the actual films up for these awards managed to bring some legitimacy to the whole process, otherwise you might have mistaken it for a little league awards banquet. At least your local little league could have scored Biff Tannen as the host.

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