Movie Mind Says: Buy It

If You Like This You Should Watch: Old School, Swingers, Wedding Crashers
Better Than: Starsky & Hutch, Knocked Up
Worse Than: It’s on par with the funniest films of the decade

The Hangover

Starring: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis

I just watched one of the top 10 comedies of the past decade. No, that is not an exaggeration. When you know, you just know. And The Movie Mind figured out early that this was not just another nonsense comedy. I had high hopes from the moment I saw the previews, and all I can say is that this movie blew away my expectations. This was like the best episodes of Entourage bundled into a highlight reel of Old School and Wedding Crashers. I have been down on some recent supposed “can’t miss” comedies, but not this time. There is raunchiness, stupidity, classic cameos, hyperbole, and a healthy dose of dudity (dude nudity), and it couldn’t have come together any better. I will not only recommend running out to the theater to see this, but I would go so far as saying that if you miss out on this film, you have done yourself, your family, and your country a grave injustice. You want to be respectful of your fore-fathers, don’t you?

It is a rare occasion when I endure an opening weekend for a much-hyped underground blockbuster. Aside from normally leaving the theater thoroughly disappointed, let’s just say you don’t watch and review hundreds of movies because you love being around a ton of people. It was crowded, loud, and this movie definitely attracted its share of toolsheds, but it ended up being more than worth it in the end. I may have been a little rough in my thoughts on Superbad, and Step Brothers, and a few others, and it wasn’t because I didn’t like them. But at the ripe age I have just approached, those movies were no longer speaking to me. They were speaking to the generation before me and my 20 year-old cousins. Finally, The Hangover, was talking directly to me.

Doug (Justin Bartha) is the straight-edge guy who is getting married, and much like every little boy’s dream, he is heading to Vegas for his bachelor party. Cooper and Helms play his two best buddies that are taking him on his last hurrah. Cooper is clearly the gang leader and definitely has a little bit of grown-up-Stiffler in him. Ed Helms is fantastic as the uptight friend with an overbearing girlfriend. He is flat-out whipped. This provides the perfect backdrop for him to channel his best Andy Bernard being pummeled daily by Angela. Still, they all simply pale in comparison to the newest scene-stealer in Zach Galifin…is…kili..ts…let’s just call him “Bearded Zach”, better known as Alan in The Hangover. He plays the slightly slow soon to be brother-in-law with less than questionable morals. Every time he spoke, I was either laughing out loud or shuttering.

The story was written perfectly for the plot. Instead of trailing the guys through their ridiculous booze-fueled night, we are supposed to try and put the pieces together at the same time they are. Todd Phillips has done his best work this time. While the actual situations they get into are completely irrational and far-fetched, we are too focused on their reactions and dealings to even notice how truly nonsensical it is.

I’m heading back to the theater again to see this movie. I will also be purchasing the DVD as soon as it comes out. It won’t be too far into the future where people will be talking about Caddyshack, Swingers, Old School, Wedding Crashers, and The Hangover. To the pretentious movie snobs that may not sound all that impressive, but for those of us who know comedy, it’s a veritable shrine.
Submitted 6-8-09

Interesting Cameo Appearance: Rob Riggle (The witty correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) as Officer Franklin, a Vegas cop who was made a fool by the drunk rowdy crew and takes some pretty damn funny revenge.

Memorable Quotes:
Remember what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Except for herpes. That s***’ll come back with you.

Officer Franklin: Not you fat Jesus.

Stu: She is wearing my grandmother’s Holocaust ring.
Alan: I didn’t know they gave out rings at the Holocaust.

Stu: Why can’t we remember a godd*** thing from last night?
Phil: Because we obviously had a great f***ing time.

Stu: Everyone says Mike Tyson is such a badass, but I think he’s kind of a sweetheart.
Alan: I think he’s mean.

Dr. Valsh: It’s on the corner of ‘get a map’ and ‘f*** off.’

Alan: Next week’s no good for me. The Jonas Brothers are in town.

Alan Garner: Who’s baby is that?
Phil Wenneck: We’ll deal with the baby later.
Stu Price: We’re not gonna leave a baby in the room. There’s a tiger in the bathroom!


  1. I only want to see this with The Movie Mind, ahhhhhhhh scuse me…… BAHT!

  2. While I might have to watch it two or twelve more times to be sure it can be put in the category of Old Skool or Wedding Crashers, it was awesome!

    By the way, Mike Tyson was pretty freaking good! Also, a good primer for Hawkes’s bachelor party in August.

  3. “He was a Ra-Tard”

  4. I’d be interested in reading your reviews on “The Proposal”….James and I saw it recently and thought it was funny. Plus, I love Sandra Bullock :)

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