OscarsWith Hollywood’s version of Super Bowl Sunday upon us, we get to see the underdoga and the favorites go head to head once again. The only problem is that there hasn’t been a playoff or struggle for these nominees to earn a spot. The Movie Mind has decided to select his Oscar choices out of the films that would been able to battle through multiple rounds of head to head matchups and still came out victorious. There are no handouts here in the mold of “The Academy”…instead there are only winners, and losers. Here are the ones who would have earned it, if the real movie fans had a say:

Best Leading Actor:

- This should be Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler, but I would have trouble giving the nod to someone who basically starred in the film equivalent of an autobiography. Not to metion the Paris Hilton dog he started carrying around. Pitt will get the nod even though his costume designer is the one that should receive it for him. I would have put Pitt’s performance in Burn After Reading here instead. Realistically Eastwood deserved a nod for his job in Gran Torino. That would be my pick.
Best Supporting Actor:

- This is the most loaded division, but Ledger wins by default. It also helps matters that he actually earned it. Let’s move Philip Seymour Hoffman to the leading role category and hand him that nod instead. Is it even possible for him to be in a “supporting role” anymore? Any scene he is in he steals. The upset of your lifetime is if Downey takes the statue away from Ledger for his Anthony Michael Hall-like performance. Thankfully though, no one has the gaul to not vote for Ledger here.
Leading Actress:

- I say Streep here by default. But let’s be realistic, if Philip Seymour Hoffman wasn’t in that film there wouldn’t be enough money in the world for you to pay me to see any of these nominees. I’m still waiting for the time that Kate Winslet gets a nomination for a role where she actually keeps her clothes on. Don’t count on it.
Supporting Actress: 

- It can only be Marissa Tomei. Could you imagine if she got the win and ended up owning more Golden Statues than Laurence Olivier?
Best Directing:

- Christopher Nolan deserved to not only be in the mix for Dark Knight, but win it too. And here’s a little trivia tidbit: Clint Eastwood still hasn’t won an acting Oscar. They should have at least handed him another statue for directing Gran Torino. I guess in lieu of those write-in votes it should go to Slumdog Millionaire for being the most creative piece in the lot.
Best Picture:

- I vote NONE of the above. It’s a crime that The Dark Knight was not even nominated. There wasn’t a better picture made all year long. Other travesties for being left out are Gran Torino and Burn After Reading. My underdog and “homer” write-in choice is for the Robert Parker adopted novel, Appaloosa. A classic western that would hold up against most of the current nominees. 
Best Writing:

- It is a true testament to my belief that The Academy doesn’t understand what good writing is for the simple fact that Burn After Reading is not nominated. It should have walked away with this award.
Worst films of the Year:

- If you have read some of my reviews this year, you should know that the clear winners are What Happens In Vegas and Fools Gold. McConaughey and Kutcher is a classic tandem of all-around awefulness. Wait- did Dane Cook do any movies this year??

My only other hope is that we don’t have to listen to any of the wannabe political pundits spit their regurgitated rhetoric at the audience when they pretned to not be filthy stinking rich and like the current economy even affects them at all. Just take your award, say a few thanks, and go back to la-la land. At least give us some kind of entertainment to let us folks who live in the real world have some enjoyment. I’m out.

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