OverwhelmedI know you all missed me, or at least I hope you did. I was going to list some sad excuses for why it’s been so long in between posts, and run off with all the difficulties that have been going on recently…but I won’t. Besides not wanting to turn off readers and risk being looked upon as a pamered whiner, I realize we all have too much going on and too much to keep track of to want to listen to anyone else’s problems. Instead of adding more fuel to the fire, I have decided to do a “brain dump” of all the nonsense running through my head…things that I wanted to put up on the site but didn’t get around to. Lucky for you, they are now too outdated and trivial to warrant an actual post. But hey, they’re still good enough to belt out in a typical Movie Mind rant. Here is a glimpse of the thought patterns inside the real psyche of the one they call The Movie Mind. Don’t think about it too hard or you’ve already gone too deep inside:

- Is it me or was Tim Donaghey wearing pinstripes on Super Bowl Sunday? Now I know why Arizona was getting a TD to start the game. Wow those refs were aweful. Larry Fitzgerald, however…is not aweful.

- I’m not sure if I am happy or disappointed that the actual game has far overshadowed the commercials for the past few years.

- The Oscar nominations are out, and as per usual, very typical of the Academy. Too much self-indulgent, novel-like, art-house crap. This was a year of the big-name actor and blockbuster, yet the Academy snubbed some much-deserved nominations. Come to think of it, maybe this one does deserve it’s own post. To be continued…

- Who cares that Joe Torre ripped A-Rod and Brian Cashman in his new book. What startling revelations: A-Rod is a self-absorbed, prima donna-fraud, and Cashman is a back-stabbing weasel. Cahsman didn’t assemble those championship teams anyway, Bob Watson and Gene Michael did.

- The Office is STILL the best show on all television. Not even a question. And why is Tina Fey’s ungly mug on every NBC promo ever run? She’s mildly talented at best. Then again, some say that of my talent. Hey, one of us have to be right.

- 24 might have jumped the shark. Not sure, but it is possible. This season’s plot lines have been either ripped off (The air-traffic control takeover scene from Die Hard 2) or recycled from prior seasons (the takeover of a chemical plant). Either the American writers are not very creative terrorists, or else there are no other possible ways to attack to US. Oh wait, we haven’t seen the shoe-bomber yet. Maybe next season.

- Since when did it snow every freakin week in the northeast? I was only in FL for 3 years and the tri-state area turned into Alaska  while I was gone. You betcha!

- Big props to Capt. Sully who landed a jet-liner in the Hudson river with no engines smoother you and I can parallel park.

- Dane Cook has the least talent of any famous person I have ever seen. Yes, that includes Paris Hilton.

- Bernard Madoff should be hung in public and every person who lost a cent because of him can go watch for free. At least M.C. Hammer and Gary Coleman now have a scapegoat.

- Has anyone read a children’s book lately? If I ever want to make some money off this writing thing, I’m in the wrong field. For reference to what I mean, try reading Spike Lee’s Please, Baby, Please.

- You all know I avoid political discussions at all costs, but now Barack is in office nd as we are already on our way to becoming France, let’s take a moment to reflect back on the last 8 years, and what better way to do it than with front row seats to: You’re Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush, starring none other than Will Ferrell.

- Adding that new dumb chick to the judges in American Idol was the worst casting move since Andrew Keaton showed up on Family Ties.

- I’m out. And this time, I’ll be back much sooner.


  1. Here’s to the Movie Mind Awards for 2008! Screw the Oscars. Oh, and maybe you should film the big ones–complete with acceptance speeches.

    Well, there’s always the dream.

  2. I agree with most of your rants. The Office is stll the best show on TV. It has snowed every freakin’ week this winter. The new judge on American idol is AWFUL. I can’t stand her.

    BUT – leave Spike Lee’s book alone…it’s an awsome kids book!!

  3. Yes, and I completely disagree with the Torre thing. It’s OK when you quit the game, but why would you EVER tell him anything in confidence if you’re on the Dodgers? For all you know, he’ll write about it … that truly sucks and I think LA should be complaining even more than the Yankees. Besides the fact that all the players he bashed will, essentially, never play for LA while he’s there. That’s bad business for them.

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