I am thrilled to present the first original production by The Movie Mind. You can view the film on The Movie Mind’s YouTube page by clicking on the following title: Tactics.

This short, 7-minute film, was created as an official entry to The 48 Hour Film Project in the Miami division. The task began at 7pm Friday night and needed to be completed by 7pm on Sunday. All we had to do was write, shoot, and edit the entire thing during that time period. Oh yeah, and we didn’t know what genre our film needed to be until 7pm on Friday. We had a very small cast and crew but they were amazing.  

There were 45 teams that submitted a film to the Miami contest. So please check out the first original Movie Mind production. There will certainly be many more to come. I hope you enjoy.


  1. ummmmm……ahhhhhhhh……yeah

  2. I saw your film at the screening (while waiting for my screening at 9pm) and I thought your film was one of the best ones I’ve seen. Definitely got my vote.

  3. Great Job Matt!!! Your whole team did an excellent production.

  4. Well done Goldie!! When’s the sequel?

  5. Well I certainly thought it was the best film I ever saw! And I am completely unbiased since I am only related to 2 production/cast members. When’s the director’s cut coming out?

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