We all know how the saying goes…”Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” If that is true, The Movie Mind must have some big admirers over at EW.com, who this week posted a list titled, “Baseball Movie All-Stars: Our 10 MVPs”.

Not one to toot my own horn, I’ll let my readers be the judge of what list is better. Let’s just say it’s clear who put time and effort into it and who decided to post cliched Hollywood drivel. Once again, you can be the judge.

I am posting the link to their list because I am confident you will be able to see what I bring to the table as opposed to what else is out there from the supposed “tops” of the industry.

EW’s Baseball List

Just to refresh your memory, feel free to go back over and peruse the ORIGINAL All-Star Movie Baseball Team, courtesy of The Movie Mind.

If this has all got you in the mood for some more imitations, check out these funny celebrity impressions:

Hilarious Denzel Washington Impression 

President Bush by a Young Kid

Charles Barkley & Bill Walton by Caliendo

McConaughey Can’t Get His Shirt Off!

…and finally, a video confirming The Movie Mind’s long-running suspicions…Jamie Foxx is an A-Hole.

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