The time is here. With The 80th Academy Awards providing a good “Intro” for the unveiling of the Gold Medal Winners, The Movie Mind proudly presents:

Gold Medal

Gold Medal: The following movies are awarded a gold medal and give us guys the most allowance for feeling emotions during a movie. They have gone above and beyond the call of emotions and contain numerous elements that make it difficult to hold everything back. While it is not recommended, the movies in this category and this category only are acceptable for a public display of emotion. 

Rudy- Rudy
~ I have said it before and will say it again…there is no moment in cinematic history where I get goose-bumps and well up on a consistent basis more than the moment where our diminutive hero runs onto the field at the end of the last game. I would think nothing of hugging a strange guy sitting next to me in a theater.

- Brian’s Song
~ This whole movie is just a depressing experience. You already know the story of Brian Piccolo and Sayers so the entire movie you sit Brian's Songthere and wait for it to happen, sulking in sorrows the entire time as you see what a tremendous bond they forge with each other. It’s the kind of movie that makes a guy call up all his guy friends after it ends just to say “I love you”.

- Final Shot: The Hank Gathers Story
Hank Gathers~ It has the magic recipe: based on a true story in the sports world that ended a tragedy. The bond between Gathers and best pal Bo Kimble was real and came through in this film. When Gathers hits the floor in the middle of the game and starts convulsing, we get on our knees and pray for him even while the outcome has long since been decided. One of the more moving made-for-tv movies ever created.

- Braveheart
~ I never admitted to the fact that I was part Scottish until after I saw Braveheart. Now you can wear that kilt as a badge of honor, Braveheartsomehow as a symbol that you may be 19 generations removed from being 6th cousins with William Wallace. His authority-defying squelch of “Freeeeee-doooooom!) in the last scene makes guys think they are invincible and want to single-handedly revolt against anyone who stands for something they don’t.

Backdraft- Backdraft
~ Every little boy at one time or another wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. This movie is one of the reasons why. The brotherhood and bond they share is a huge part of making the viewers hurt deep-down for the guys in Battalion 25.

- For the Love of the Game
~ It’s hard not to get a little wispy as Billy Chapel comes out for the 9th inning looking to close out the last inning of his career whileFor Love of the Game making history. As he grimaces his way through it and finally takes a moment to mentally absorb what is occurring, we as viewers can appreciate that feat for what it is instead of having to question how many times Chapel did HGH to get back to true form.

Without Limits- Without Limits (Prefontaine)
~ It is long overdue that readers finally know that The Movie Mind thinks Steve Prefontaine is one of the most intriguing, interesting, inspiring athletes of our century. I doubt that is the only reason this movie leaves me so emotional every time I watch, but I am sure it plays a factor. How could you not love the guy’s attitude for competition and his drive to win? This is the better of the two movies about his life, and what a true shame it is that we were robbed of seeing how good he truly would have been.

- Saving Private Ryan
~ One of the most-gripping accounts of war and how the families at home are destroyed by the loss of their fathers, sons, and brothers.Saving Private Ryan Spielberg has a knack for the dramatic, even though the Farrally brothers probably could have made us tear-up with this movie. Regardless, it is one of the most emotional films ever that leaves every viewer drained from the outpouring of feelings.


  1. I’m disappointed. No Dumb & Dumber? It doesn’t get any more heartbreaking than when Lloyd sees Mary getting out of Harry’s car after their date. I always want to gag right along with Jim Carrey.

  2. and how about when the blind kid pets the bird with no head! Heartbreaking

  3. 5 of them are sports movies….that would say alot about what guys find emotional – except that iI tend to agree. You’re missing Remember the Titans…when Rev runs in for the winning touchdown, and Burtier listens to them win the game from his hospital bed, and Denzel says “You’re a hall of famer in my book” – you’re lying if you say you haven’t teared up!

    By the way, your description of Rudy is quite disturbing….

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