As promised, below are the Silver Medal Award Winners. After delivering the Bronze Medal and Pewter Mug winners yesterday, the awards are almost complete. So after the Oscars are given this Sunday, you still have something to look forward to come Monday. The top of the heap Gold Medal Winners will be announced first thing on Monday morning.


 Silver Medal Award Winners

Silver Medal: These movies take home the silver medal and are permissible for a minor showing of emotions during them. While they are not quite in the same class as their gold medal peers, they still do a great job of pulling at the man’s heartstrings enough to make them a little wispy. 

Shawshank Redemption- The Shawshank Redemption
~ Simply one of the greatest films of all-time, much of that has to do with the relationships the inmates have with each other, and how they unite together to maintain their hope under hopeless circumstances. A movie that is extremely well-written, viewers feel as if they are in that prison and want to make things right.

- Ladder 49
~ One of the top two firefighter movies of all time, regardless of how limited the list, there’s a stark reality to this film which shines Ladder 49through thanks to Joaquin Phoenix and Travolta’s performances. These guys really are heroes in real-life (firefighters, not Phoenix & Travolta) and our feelings of emotion while viewing it pays a sort of homage to the fallen.


- Miracle
Miracle~ For someone that was only 1 year-old when this event actually took place, I felt like I relived it for the first time while watching this film. As “Rocky on Ice” proves once again, there is no victory quite as sweet as the one when you beat down the Russians in the end.
Rocky- Rocky (I, III, IV)
~ Eddie Murphy was right when he said that this film inspired more little Italian guys with a Napoleon-complex to stand-up and fight in many battles they can’t win. “Yo, Vinnie, you see Rocky? You know…you could really do thatRocky and Apollo shit!” In Rocky I we well-up inside after Rocky shows unworldly heart, desire, and a will of steel. In Rocky III we are moved to the point of tears when he defeats the unbeatable badass Clubber Lang, who killed the beloved Mickey. In Rocky IV it is hard to find a movie with more gut-wrenching moments than: when Apollo dies, Rocky explains to Adrian why he has to Rocky IVfight, she shows up to finally support him, and he takes down the Russian freight-train. As if all that were not enough…Rocky wins over a crowd of Cold-War commies to the tune of, “If I could change, and you could change, than everybody can change!” Rumors abound that peace treaties worldwide are signed moments after.

- Remember the Titans
~ The best football movie that is based on a true story, hands down. It takes an edgy topic of race-relations in a turbulent time to showRemember the Titans how the kids were able to enlighten the adults, and not the other way around. You’ve got the perfect combination for dude-emotions to come through: sports movie, true story, tragedy, overcoming difficult odds for triumph. It’s a virtual roadmap for how to get guys all choked-up.

Black Hawk Down- Black Hawk Down
~ A war movie finally told from the point of view of the soldiers, not the people starting the war in the first place. It is a frantically-paced movie about real-life heroes who struggle to complete their mission against hugely unfavorable odds. It is a true war-movie classic and focuses on the ugly, scary, gritty gunfights which leave these courageous soldiers grasping for their lives.

- Armageddon
Armageddon~ If Ben Affleck wasn’t the guy that Bruce Willis was saving and handing his daughter over to, it would have been awarded a gold medal. Regardless, it is moving for every guy who is a dad, a son, or a son-in-law to watch. You can’t help but think how Bruce Willis will be read about in text books for centuries to come as the guy who really saved the world.

- Field of Dreams
~ Makes us realize the crazy length we as guys would go to in order to appreciate our national pastime. It resonates with us more nowField of Dreams as we get to block out all the steroid crap and nonsense ruining baseball in order to just appreciate it as it was back when guys just loved the game. It all culminates for me when Ray (Costner) finally gets to have that catch with his pops, helping us all reminisce about when there was no place in the world a son would want to be then right there, right then. 

- Glory
Glory~ Broderick, Denzel, and Morgan Freeman converge to give a stirring look at the Civil War and what an odd match of soldiers and leadership can overcome in the end. An underrated war movie more character-driven than its counterparts, we get wispy by witnessing Ferris Bueller and Denzel uniting together for an unlikely victory in their own right.

- The Rookie
~ Surprisingly, there is one moment in this film that gets me as close to tears as any other film out there: When Quaid calls home toThe Rookie tell his wife and son that he is being called up to the show, I can hardly hold it in. I would be fine if the movie ended right then and there.



Dead Poets Society- Dead Poets Society
~ How can Robin Williams not be considered one of the best actors of our time? He can have us rolling on the floor with laughter, or at the verge of tears when he plays his intellectual rebel-with-a-cause roles. We see just how impressionable our youth can be and want to work harder to lead them down the right paths. As Prof. Keating, Williams inspires his students and viewers alike to “Carpe Diem”. In this great film, he certainly Carpe’d our emotions.


  1. Two things:

    Dennis Quaid cannot throw a baseball, a fact which really made that movie fall short.

    You need to take Armageddon down … really, coupled with the Lion King, you’ve dug yourself quite the hole.

  2. I’d throw The Pursuit of Happyness in here somewhere. Maybe it’s because I’m a dad too.

  3. Agrees on Happyness.

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