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The Pleasure Drivers

Starring: Lauren Holly, Lacy Chabert, Meat Loaf, Angus Macfadyen, Billy Zane


Just when you think you have seen it all…you go and watch something like this. And realize that you were completely wrong. There really is something crappier than everything else you have seen!


The Pleasure Drivers is one of those films that you want to hug and kiss The Movie Mind and praise him for taking the bullet for you. Ney, you want to knock on his door and shake his hand to thank him for diving on the grenade. Better still, you may not want to do anything since it does no good when you try to dive on a nuclear bomb, or as “W” might say, a “new-cue-ler” bomb.  



Was this entire cast completely stoned during the filming of this movie? I would hope so. The convoluted plot involves Lauren Holly taking care of some psycho kid (who in the end turns out to be saner than the rest of these freaks) and trying to extort money from Billy Zane, the leader of a shady cult-like church that looks a whole lot like the one Tommy Cruise accepts cereal-box medals from. Throw in Meatloaf as – wait, [gasp!] trailer park trash [gulp!], and a dynamic duo of call-girl Lacey Chabert and sexually challenged Angus Macfadyen, and you get the recipe for a really horrible flick. Oh wait, I even forgot to mention the crazy lesbian hit-man, err, hit-girl. Well maybe I should leave that last part out, it only makes it sound better than it is.


See that is one of the biggest problems with this movie. They tried to make the plotline sound a lot better than it actually was. This was one of those scripts that was given the green light after reading only the plotline. Unfortunately the actual script could not live up to the zany plot summary.


The film was written by a guy who has all of ONE (1) credit on IMDB, this being it. That has to tell you something right there. The DVD cover touts the director as “The Cinematographer of Pulp Fiction” but we all got a lesson in movie credits, as cinematography credits certainly do not provide you with a license to direct. So please take all that into consideration before watching this movie. For a movie that bills itself as taking an inside look at how various pleasures drive people, they sure put us through a lot of pain to do it. 
Submitted 2-12-08


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  1. Man, where did you come up with this movie? I’ve never heard of it, but based on your review now I know why.

    Listen to your friend Billy Zane, he’s a cool dude!

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