Sometimes there is just a need to pass some time. You may be super-busy, or bored out of your skull, but there is always an itch to spend a couple of minutes on certain things that have no redeeming qualities, yet you just can’t seem to get away from them. The following link is prime with those exact things.

Awesome Wastes of Time

Maybe you feel empty inside because you don’t know answers to such important questions as “How many five year olds can I beat up at the same time?”; or maybe you want to know your true knowledge in the world of booze, or even how likely you would be to eat your friends if you were stranded and starving. This website answers these questions and many more.

Just in case you were wondering, these are some of the results of The Movie Mind so you can see just where you stack up against him.


- 23 five year-olds I can beat up at once: 23

- The booze knowledge of a “Lush”:


- 52% likely I am to eat my friends if stranded in a blizzard:



  1. I got 76% lush. More importantly…how many clues did you need for Jager?

  2. 72% chance I would eat my friends, and a 88% chance I would be drunk when I did so.

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