Still hungover from New Years Eve?

While The Movie Mind has been gone a for a few days, hopefully he has not been forgotten. Wishing all the readers (I know, it’s dozens and dozens of you…but that is about to change in ’08!) a Happy, Healthy 2008.

 Don’t forget to keep checking back regularly because the reviews and Movie Mind Lists will be in full swing before you know it!!

A couple of hints of what is to come:

- Have you ever wondered who the Greatest Movie Baseball Players of all-time were? We answer this, along with a depth-chart and All-Star lineup to settle the arguements! Of course if you disagree, make sure to post your comments and suggestions of what you would have done differently as the GM of Film-Fantasy Baseball.

- With the release of the Mitchell Report, one can only wonder what would happen if Senator Mitchell was to do a similar investigation into the world of Hollywood films and call-out the biggest performance-enhanced roles ever in cinema history. Maybe he could even get more than 2 former B-movie grips for the testimony as well!

- Let us not overlook the Stump for 2008, or in other words the upcoming presidential election. Do you lack the strong feelings required to get your butt out and vote for any one of the candidates running? What if The Movie Mind decided it was better to have a mock Movie Presidential Election in 2008? Let’s hope you have the time and passion to get out and vote for that one. And if you are wondering where the Hilary-clone is on the list…get off this website right now and never come back.

Keep checking back regularly for updates on reviews and lists. It is a scary world out there in the land of cinema so don’t brave it alone. Make sure “Reading much much more” is tops on your New Years Resolution lists!

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