Kings of South Beach

Starring: Jason Gedrick, Donnie Wahlberg

Movie Mind Says:  Wait for Cable

You know it’s saying something when Donnie Wahlberg’s acting performance stands up against all the rest…and usually, it’s not saying anything good.

Part of the reason The Movie Mind is down on this film is only a fault of his own. I rented this DVD not knowing that it was a movie created for television (A&E Original movie). That would explain the fade outs which looked like they simply cut out the commercial breaks, and the cheesy royalty-free music in the background of every scene. The scenes were extremely budget, and everything was poor quality throughout. Even with that said, the writing (surprisingly enough, the same writer as Casino and Goodfellas) did nothing to change my feelings on Kings of South Beach.

Jason Gedrick plays Chris Troiano, the newly appointed king of Miami’s South Beach club scene. Celebrities, thugs, guys with mafia connections, and the like all come out to his clubs to party. The only problem is, we have no clue how he got so popular or why he is dubbed “The It” boy. Then comes Wahlberg who moves from NY to Miami and somehow becomes Chris’ right-hand man. This all magically happens within the cover of poor-screenwriting and expects the viewers to stay interested. 

The movie goes from bad to predictable, where it was easy to tell which direction the story would go even with having zero knowledge of the true account. It really looked like a sleazy B-movie you’d find on Skinemax, only without the only good things about movies you see on Skinemax. There were bad edits and dubs over curses and all the while trying to tow the line of edginess. How do you do an accurate portrayal of the South Beach club scene while keeping it clean enough to show up on A&E? MTV even has a reality bi-sexual dating show that pushed the envelope more than this movie.

Bottom line is, The Movie Mind is not biased against TV movies, just TV movies that suck. Unfortunately, this was one of them. I have seen better TV movies based on a true story on Lifetime after-school specials.  Don’t waste your time on this one. It could be worse though…at the least the rating it earned of “Wait for Cable” isn’t too bad of an insult. That is what it was intended for anyway. Unfortunately for us, they decided to turn it into a DVD release.
Submitted: 11-27-07

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