Knocked Up

Starring: Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl, Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann

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Meet every ugly, fat, stoner’s new wet dream … well, aside from the whole baby thing. Who wouldn’t want to think that a few small coincidences and some free-flowing alcohol couldn’t score you a hot E! TV reporter chick? Well, there’s a few reasons the story only plays out on the big screen (and maybe in a Penthouse Forum article), and the tagline offers just one: “What if this guy got you pregnant?” I know … it’s a chilling thought, ladies.

That said, I was pleasantly surprised by Knocked Up. It was much more of a story then one would have surmised by such investigative digging as, say, looking at the title. Some of The Movie Mind’s readers may be turned off by the idea that there is some substance to the film, but that’s definitely a good thing.

Knocked Up briefly goes the way of the stoner-flick (nerdy surfer-dude yo-mamma disses included), but it gets back on track quickly. Not that these parts weren’t funny, but it had too good of a story to waste in a mere haze of ganja. Plus, director Judd Apatow already gave us this to better effect in 40 Year-Old Virgin.

On top of the surprisingly good story, the film features a breakthrough performance for Katherine Heigl (Alison Scott), who before Grey’s Anatomy had not been able to show her abilities. Not that The Movie Mind watches Grey’s Anatomy or anything, but if I did, I would know. Anyway, it’s obvious that her acting had to be dead-on to make it even semi-believable that someone as insanely attractive as her would have let Seth Rogan (Ben Stone) touch her even in her semi-comatose state.

I’ll say one thing about Rogan, who I think can be compared to Owen Wilson in a different humor zone: He can’t carry a movie on his own. He needs Wilson’s Vince Vaughn (aka Steve Carrell in 40 Year-Old Virgin) to keep him tolerable. Don’t get me wrong, he is an amazing character actor and can steal a scene with his one-liners, but he needs help.

I was impressed with the pace of the movie, too, and how the characters became more then just two drunken fools who ended up having a baby together; but I was a little confused with Heigl’s quick conversion from disgust of Rogan, to tolerance, to love. I think it happened slightly unnaturally but nonetheless the viewer has to give some leeway since it’s hard to actually predict what goes through a pregnant woman’s mind. Writers are allowed plenty of leverage whenever a scene involves pregnant hormones.

The bottom line is that Knocked Up is a clever, funny, enjoyable film. Maybe it had something to do with my expectations going into it (life lesson #1: set them low and it’s easy to exceed them!), but nonetheless it is well worth the time to watch and enjoy. It’s also the fastest way to take a Regular-Joe male viewer from fantasy dream-land (scoring a Katherine Heigl-type chick) to panic zone with the month-after scare of a lifetime.

On a side note, many kudos to the writers for not turning this film into propaganda for a stance on the abortion issue. That would have ruined this movie faster than putting Brendan Fraser on the cover.

Submitted: 10-30-07

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  1. Definitely a must see. A great movie for all ages…maybe just over 17 and under 40.

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